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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Oct 21 2020

New Mexico’s oil and gas collapse could last years amid calls for economic diversification

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Economic analysts warned that New Mexico could be unable to rely on its oil and gas industry as the market continues to struggle amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Lease fees, royalty payment and taxes from oil and gas operations accounted for about 30 percent of the state’s budget in recent years, per a recent study from the Institute for Energy Economics (IEEFA) and Financial Analysis.

Oct 21 2020

New report on decline of oil and gas industry should get lawmakers’ attention

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The oil and gas industry is in decline – and has been for at least a decade – according to a new economic report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). This isn't the fault of the coronavirus, but the pandemic has helped underscore some of the industry's problems.

Oct 06 2020

124,000 New Mexicans Could Miss Out on Federal Stimulus Payments

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Fact sheet The stimulus checks that went out as part of the federal COVID-19 relief can have a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families most impacted by the pandemic, providing money to help them pay bills, cover necessary expenses, and pay for the things they need most right now. The money would also give state and local economies a much-needed boost.

Oct 02 2020

Policy, Advocacy, and Child Well-being In New Mexico:

2020-10-06T12:57:32-06:00Economic Security Publications, Health Publications, Local Data, Publications, Racial and Ethnic Equity Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Presentation Created for the NM Public Health Association's annual conference, this presentation looks at the intersection of state tax and budget policies with social determinants of health. It gives examples of evidence-based policy solutions that promote racial justice and some tips on how to participate in policy and budget decisions that improve outcomes for kids. (State-level data on some impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic)

Sep 23 2020

Time for NMOGA to walk the talk on climate and health

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The article’s revelations are at once shocking and not surprising, with lobbyists who have spent years fighting against regulations to reduce methane waste and pollution admitting the problem is real. And if you suspected the industry is more concerned about its image than protecting your health, you’re right. Its answer to out-of-control methane emissions? More image polishing and public relations advertising.

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