Apr 08 2019

Policy, Advocacy, and Child Well-being in New Mexico

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Presentation Most people do not associate taxes with health, but there is a definite connection -- and it goes beyond raising enough revenue to pay for health care programs like Medicaid. What we tax, who pays the most, and who benefits are all aspects that impact a family's financial security, which in turn, impacts where they can live, what kind of food they can afford to purchase, and more.

Feb 07 2019

The Working Families Tax Credit is a Smart Investment in a Healthier New Mexico

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Fact Sheet Increasing the Working Families Tax Credit would put another $52 million back into the hands of New Mexico’s hard-working families – and the businesses where they will spend it. It also has been shown to improve school performance and health, among other outcomes.

Feb 05 2019

New Mexico’s Working Families Tax Credit and the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit

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Report Tax credits for low- and moderate-income working families are a common-sense way to spur economic activity by putting money into the hands of consumers who will spend it. They have also been shown to improve health outcomes. These are just some of the reasons New Mexico should increase its Working Families Tax Credit. (State-, county- and legislative district-level data on who claims the WFTC and how much they receive)

Jan 20 2019

A new Child Tax Credit would put us on the road to a stronger New Mexico

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Fact sheet New Mexico’s tax system is upside down—most New Mexico families pay more than twice the rate in state and local taxes than the wealthiest pay. A new state-level Child Tax Credit would help hard-working families and make our tax system more fair. (State-level data on how this tax credit would benefit families)

Jan 15 2019

2018 KIDS COUNT Data Book

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Report After ten years of austerity, New Mexico has fallen to last in the nation in child well-being. The state also lost a lawsuit claiming that it is not meeting its constitutional obligation when it comes to public education. It's time to change course. This annual publication reports the latest data on child well-being in New Mexico to help us choose the path forward. (An annual KIDS COUNT report; state-, county-, tribal-, and school district-level data on indicators of child well-being; data by race and ethnicity where available)

Dec 13 2018

New Mexico Should NOT Tax Food

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Infographic/fact sheet Some legislators have introduced bills that would put the state's sales tax (the gross receipts tax, or GRT) on food purchased at the grocery store. This is a bad idea -- even if it's done as part of an effort to lower the overall GRT rate. With New Mexico's high rates of food insecurity and poverty, a tax on food will hurt even those families who receive SNAP, because these benefits are not intended to meet a family's entire food need. (State-level data on food insecurity, SNAP usage, trade-offs families must make, and an opinion poll on the issue) Food Tax, 2018