KIDS COUNT Conferences: Save the Dates

We're gearing up for two KIDS COUNT Conferences this year! We're still nailing down the details, but you can reserve your seats now. Reserve your space for the regional conference at Northern New Mexico College in Española here. Reserve your space for the Albuquerque-based conference here. And check back soon for more details.

A Blueprint for a prosperous state

Prosperity requires investments. You can’t grow a garden without good soil, water, and some hard work. Same with a state—you can’t have prosperity without resources, infrastructure, and a skilled workforce. But New Mexico has tried to cut its way to prosperity and it hasn't worked. This brief offers several recommendations for raising revenue so lawmakers can invest in our state and its people. (Policy brief; Jan. 2018) Read more

2017 KIDS COUNT Data Book

New Mexico is at a crossroads. At the federal level we're seeing unpredictability in how child-serving programs are funded and at the state level we're poised to elect a new governor. This annual publication reports the latest data on child well-being in New Mexico to help us choose the path forward. (An annual KIDS COUNT report; Jan. 2018) Read more
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February 6, 2018
Bill Jordan spoke at the Second Annual People's Rally. His comments are posted here. "Our years of austerity just so that the rich and well-connected can get tax cuts ― those days are over! It’s time for us to invest in what works. It’s time to invest in New Mexico."
February 3, 2018
We seem to finally have crawled out of the revenue ravine, and some legislators want to place us back on the edge of that same fiscal precipice? Sounds suicidal.
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