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New Mexico Voices For Children

Improving children’s lives through advocacy

The future of our society is in our children’s hands. When all children have the opportunities they need to thrive, we all benefit, so it makes sense to ensure that every child has access to the educational, emotional, health, and economic supports they need to grow up healthy and strong, and to become contributing members of society. We believe that the best way to ensure this is to discover the underlying reasons that some children lack these supports and then to advocate for the public policies that will address the gaps. Learn more about our work to accomplish that here.

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Recent Blog Posts

Oct 052022

Getting a Handle on Student Loan Debt

We all benefit when college is affordable enough that anyone can attend, and all New Mexicans should have the opportunity to further their education and careers. College graduates become the teachers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals that serve us and our communities.

Aug 302022

Inflation Reduction Act raises more revenue for NM schools

There is plenty to celebrate in the landmark Investment Reduction Act. New Mexicans will benefit with lower energy costs, good-paying jobs, more energy-efficient homes and businesses, cleaner air, funding for wildfire prevention and drought preparedness, and much more.

Aug 292022

Arts can Help Youth in the Juvenile System

For years, probation has been used to try and keep youth from further involvement in the criminal justice system. But, as recent studies have shown, probation is neither effective at keeping our communities safer nor of rehabilitating the youth it is supposed to serve. Probation, in fact, can actually lead to youth being further ensnared in the system.

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Recent News Coverage

Nov 132022

Voters signal support for more than investments in early childhood

The recent election tells us a great deal about how committed New Mexicans are to our children and their families. New Mexico voters have spoken loud and clear — and they want the highest quality early care and education programs fully supported and available to all.

Nov 102022

In N.M. child-care funding win, providers nationwide see road map

Child-care advocates in New Mexico have tried for more than a decade to secure this money. The fight began in 2011, when a group called New Mexico Voices for Children proposed tapping into the state’s Land Grant Permanent Fund to pay for early child care and education programs. ​​

Nov 092022

New Mexico is the First State to Guarantee a Right to Early Childhood Education

“If we want to continue this incredible progress,” said Amber Wallin, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, the money is the way to do it. “It means we can continue things just like that.” Lujan Grisham herself has said she wants to use money from the fund to make universal, free child care permanent.

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