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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Feb 14 2022

New Mexico Must Act Now to Help Keep Families Housed

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Our families and communities are safer and can thrive best when everyone has a warm, healthy place to live. However, as many as 80,000 New Mexicans are at risk of eviction – that’s equivalent to almost the entire population of Sante Fe. Worse, approximately 16 families get evicted every day in the state.

Feb 14 2022

Leaders Have a Chance to Help New Mexicans Trapped in Endless Cycles of Debt

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For the last several years, some state lawmakers have tried to stop storefront lenders by introducing legislation requiring a 36% cap on interest rates and fees. But the predatory lending lobby has always been able to stop these bills. This year, legislation to impose a 36% rate cap is gaining momentum.

Feb 11 2022

A new state Child Tax Credit would create opportunities for all New Mexico kids to thrive

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Fact Sheet Many families are still hurting from the pandemic recession. A new state-level Child Tax Credit would help hard-working families and grandparents raising grandchildren, and make our tax system more fair. (State-level data on how this tax credit would benefit families)

Feb 10 2022

Child Advocates Pleased with Introduction of State Child Tax Credit Bill

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“Temporary expansions in the federal CTC helped many New Mexico parents meet their family’s basic needs and were used to pay for basic necessities such as food and housing and paying off debt. With the fate of those federal expansions uncertain, it is great to see the state taking the lead on ensuring all families in the state can meet their needs and thrive.”

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