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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Nov 03 2021

Supporting Parents and Newborns for a Healthier New Mexico

2021-11-03T13:34:44-06:00Health Publications, Local Data, Publications, Racial and Ethnic Equity Publications|

Fact Sheet In New Mexico, new mothers whose births were covered by Medicaid are only eligible to receive health care for another two months. This is particularly problematic for mothers and babies of color, who are more likely to have postpartum health issues. Find out how lawmakers can make our health care system more equitable. (State-level data on maternal death rates by race and ethnicity)

Nov 02 2021

Child Advocates Support EPA Methane Rules, Call for Stronger Protection

2021-11-03T13:55:19-06:00Press Releases|

“We need strong rules that put an end to methane pollution from the oil and gas industry in order to protect today’s children – as they are disproportionately harmed by the air pollution it causes. We also need them to safeguard children of the future – as they will suffer the increasingly dire consequences of the climate crisis we continue to exacerbate."

Oct 25 2021

Advocates urge more investment in youth at New Mexico Voices for Children conference

2021-10-25T13:07:18-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Education News Coverage, Health News Coverage, Kids Count News Coverage, News Coverage|

“Equality of opportunity is not something that just happens,” said the organization’s deputy director, Amber Wallin. “Moving forward, we have to pass policy that supports families, prioritizes children and … improves opportunities for women and communities of color in our state.”

Oct 06 2021

Ensuring a Fair Share: Modernizing Federal Oil and Gas Revenue Policies

2021-10-06T13:42:26-06:00Education Publications, Health Publications, Local Data, Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Policy Brief New Mexico’s school children are not getting their fair share of oil and gas revenues. That’s because the rental and royalty rates for drilling on federal lands are beyond outdated; some have not been revised in nearly a century. (State-level data on oil and gas production)

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