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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Feb 12 2019

Poll: New Mexicans Overwhelmingly Support Raising Taxes to Spur Investments in Classrooms, Mental Health, Infrastructure

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New Mexico voters overwhelmingly support raising taxes on corporations and those with the highest incomes and using the revenue raised to invest in early childhood and K-12 education, as well as college scholarships, according to a new poll commissioned by New Mexico Voices for Children. Greater funding for mental health services, infrastructure, public safety, and clean energy also all received strong support.

Feb 07 2019

Bill tackles child care ‘cliff effect’ by increasing eligibility

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“When you’re living in deep poverty, $300 is a lot of food on the table, and it helps pay one more electricity bill,” said Casau. “Even though it’s not a lot for the poorest of the poor, the fact that we are having copays for families that are in deep poverty is something that is unconscionable.”

Feb 07 2019

The Working Families Tax Credit is a Smart Investment in a Healthier New Mexico

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Fact Sheet Increasing the Working Families Tax Credit would put another $52 million back into the hands of New Mexico’s hard-working families – and the businesses where they will spend it. It also has been shown to improve school performance and health, among other outcomes.

Feb 05 2019

New Mexico’s Working Families Tax Credit and the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit

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Report Tax credits for low- and moderate-income working families are a common-sense way to spur economic activity by putting money into the hands of consumers who will spend it. They have also been shown to improve health outcomes. These are just some of the reasons New Mexico should increase its Working Families Tax Credit. (State-, county- and legislative district-level data on who claims the WFTC and how much they receive)

Jan 29 2019

Hundreds march on Roundhouse for immigrants and workers

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For Estela Guzman, a researcher at New Mexico Voices for Children, a statewide advocacy organization, a top priority is to increase the state’s minimum wage. “These people have to work three to four jobs just to make ends meet,” she said, adding that increasing wages is a long-term solution for many. “If the community can’t thrive, we are all missing out.”

Jan 25 2019

Report fuels debate on access to higher education

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“Our state workforces are very underdeveloped,” said Armelle Casau, a policy analyst who authored the report, released this week by the nonprofit advocacy group New Mexico Voices for Children. A more skilled workforce would strengthen the state’s economy, the organization argues, and in turn would help lower poverty rates that remain among the worst in the nation.

Jan 24 2019

Report: NM Lacks Adequate Need-based Funding for College

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In a state with one of the highest poverty rates in the nation, it would make sense to ensure that state financial aid goes to those who need assistance but that is not the case according to a report released today by New Mexico Voices for Children. Part of the solution is for the state Legislature to immediately replenish the College Affordability Fund from the budget surplus now available.

Jan 24 2019

Improving College Affordability in New Mexico

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Fact Sheet Thanks to large budget cuts over the past decade, college tuition in New Mexico has risen sharply. At the same time, the state's main source of financial aid -- the Lottery Scholarship -- has failed to keep up with rising costs and now covers less than half of average tuition costs. This fact sheet covers the top points from the companion report, Improving College Affordability. (A Working Poor Families publication)