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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Oct 06 2021

Ensuring a Fair Share: Modernizing Federal Oil and Gas Revenue Policies

2021-10-06T13:42:26-06:00Education Publications, Health Publications, Local Data, Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Policy Brief New Mexico’s school children are not getting their fair share of oil and gas revenues. That’s because the rental and royalty rates for drilling on federal lands are beyond outdated; some have not been revised in nearly a century. (State-level data on oil and gas production)

Oct 01 2021

Everything you need to know about the Child Tax Credit – and possibly a little more

2021-10-01T12:32:56-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, News Coverage, Tax and Budget News Coverage|

The U.S. Census Bureau is collecting data on how families are spending their monthly payments, so we know that the majority of the spending is going toward food. Wallin said that’s a good sign for a state that’s long struggled with childhood food insecurity. “We’re just glad to see that this relief is helping the families’ most basic needs,” she said.

Sep 24 2021

Many New Mexico kids, families, and seniors will benefit from state income tax changes

2021-09-24T10:52:05-06:00Economic Security Publications, Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Fact Sheet Changes that have been made to the state tax code in recent years will benefit half a million tax filers - all of them of low and moderate means. This fact sheet presents the basics of who will benefit and by how much. (State-level data on number of beneficiaries in each group)

Sep 23 2021

Fix oil and gas leasing system before new sales

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In New Mexico, we have lived through many boom-and-bust cycles of the oil and gas industry. But recent years have shown just how much we need to break this cycle - particularly as we plan for the transition from oil and gas to clean energy - by tipping the scales away from the oil and gas corporations and back toward New Mexicans who have shouldered the consequences.

Sep 20 2021

Ending Childhood Food Insecurity in New Mexico

2021-09-20T14:27:45-06:00Economic Security Publications, Education Publications, Health Publications, Local Data, Publications, Racial and Ethnic Equity Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Report New Mexico's childhood food insecurity rate has long been at or near the highest in the nation. The pandemic and resulting recession only made it worse. This updated report looks at why food insecurity is such a problem in New Mexico, how it impacts children and families, and what the state can do about it. (State- and county-level data on food and economic insecurity)

Sep 20 2021

Putting New Mexico’s Babies First: How Paid Family and Medical Leave Gives Babies a Healthy Start

2021-09-17T16:09:04-06:00Blog Posts, Economic Security Blog, Health Blog|

In homes across New Mexico, parents and caregivers have long been forced to make an impossible choice – one made even harder in the last 18 months by COVID-19. Do I care for my baby or sick family member, or do I leave them to work and earn the pay we need to survive? This choice has dire implications for babies, families, public health, and the economy.

Sep 14 2021

Leger Fernández introduces bill to help communities’ economic transitions away from fossil fuels

2021-09-28T13:27:33-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Education News Coverage, Health News Coverage, News Coverage|

“This bill is about ensuring a better future for kids,” James Jimenez said. “For years, New Mexico has relied on oil and gas to fund our children’s education programming. But as we battle climate change and protect our land and public health, it’s vital that states like New Mexico are able to diversify their economies.”

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