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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Aug 02 2021

NM Families Start School Year with Extra Money for Child Care

2021-08-02T17:05:25-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Education News Coverage, News Coverage|

Wallin noted that families of color were especially hard-hit by school closures and other economic impacts from the pandemic and now, should have more peace of mind. "They're able to better afford housing needs and ensure they can buy their kids back-to-school clothes," said Wallin. "But also it's helping them go back to work, afford necessities and helping our economy get back on track as well."

Jul 24 2021

When inspiration isn’t enough

2021-07-30T10:20:08-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Kids Count News Coverage, News Coverage|

New Mexico ranked 49th in child well-being based on data gathered before the coronavirus pandemic. The year before, our state was 50th. New Mexico Voices for Children partners with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to release the annual Kids Count report that tracks 16 metrics of children's access to education, health and economic and social stability at home.

Jul 21 2021

Schools and kids should not be dependent on the oil and gas industry

2021-07-30T11:03:54-06:00Blog Posts, Education Blog, Health Blog|

The physical and economic health of our states depends on fair and responsible management of publicly owned resources -- everything from our school buildings to our state and national parks. But because of the broken federal oil and gas leasing system, our schools have received less-than-promised funding and discarded oil wells are polluting our cherished public lands.

Jun 27 2021

Pre-pandemic improvement in child well-being a glimpse at what investments can do

2021-06-29T12:54:07-06:00Blog Posts, Economic Security Blog, Economic Security News Coverage, Education Blog, Education News Coverage, Health Blog, Health News Coverage, Kids Count Blog, Kids Count News Coverage, News Coverage|

Incremental improvements show us both that progress is possible and also that creating the nurturing environments our kids deserve and need to thrive will require bold and sustained actions and investments.

Jun 23 2021

New Mexico’s K-12 Schools: Funding the Education System Our Students Deserve

2021-06-23T08:33:17-06:00Education Publications, Local Data, Publications, Racial and Ethnic Equity Publications|

Policy brief Despite recent increases in K-12 funding and the ruling in the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit, New Mexico still fails to adequately invest in the kind of educational system our students deserve. This policy brief looks at the state's K-12 funding landscape, educator shortage, the pandemics' impact, and more. (State-level data on student demographics, proficiencies, and graduation rates)

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