Mar 14 2024

Child Advocacy Group Welcomes New Executive Director

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New Mexico Voices for Children is pleased to welcome Gabrielle Uballez as its new executive director. Uballez is a seasoned social sector leader with over a decade of experience in organizational leadership, partnership development, program design, and racial equity. She most recently served as a program officer at Asset Funders Network, where she played a key role in advancing national and regional initiatives focused on racial and economic justice in philanthropy. She joins NM Voices on April 8, 2024.

Jan 22 2024

NM KIDS COUNT Data Book: Child Well-being Generally Improving

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Child well-being in New Mexico appears to be slowly improving. As history has shown us, fighting poverty is a policy choice. This was made clear by the pandemic-era changes in the federal Child Tax Credit (CTC). The CTC expansion led to the largest decrease in national child poverty on record. Not only did child poverty dramatically decline, but the gaps between the poverty rates for children of color and those for white children also narrowed. Not surprisingly, the year after the federal CTC expansion expired, the gaps in poverty by race and ethnicity widened again. Still, child poverty in New Mexico remains lower than it did a decade ago.

Dec 12 2023

Report: Cash Assistance Programs Improve Work, School Outcomes

2023-12-11T13:24:25-07:00Press Releases|

A report on a recently concluded statewide guaranteed income pilot program with 330 immigrant families demonstrated unrestricted cash assistance programs allowed for low-wage earners to pursue better jobs, increase their educational levels, and improve other critical outcomes for their children. The report, Guaranteed Income: Increasing Employment and Helping Families Thrive, on the New Mexico Guaranteed Income Pilot Program for Immigrant Families, was released on December 12, 2023.

Oct 02 2023

Several Staff Members Promoted

2023-10-02T10:29:37-06:00Press Releases|

Five staff members from the policy team at NM Voices for Children have been promoted. Paige Knight, MPP, and Jacob Vigil, MSW, who were both Senior Research and Policy Analysts, have been promoted to Deputy Policy Directors. Javier Rojo, MPA, and Emily Wildau, MPP, who were both Research and Policy Analysts, have been promoted to Senior Research and Policy Analysts. Lydia Paukei, JD, MSW, who was a Tribal Policy Fellow and Research and Policy Analyst, has been promoted to Policy Counsel.

Jul 31 2023

Report: Children are More Susceptible to Climate Changes

2023-07-31T09:08:34-06:00Press Releases|

Children are especially susceptible to extreme heat, air and water pollution, and other aspects of climate change. That’s the primary finding in a report released today by New Mexico Voices for Children. The report also looks at public policies the state can adopt to help protect the climate from more devastation and to better prepare New Mexicans from extreme weather and climate events, particularly those living in high-risk areas.

Jun 14 2023

New Mexico Ranks 50th in Child Well-Being but Many Long-Term Trends Positive

2023-06-20T14:57:18-06:00Press Releases|

“The data show that the state must keep pushing itself to create opportunities for all New Mexico kids to thrive, but we’ve also seen progress in most indicators, and many recent family-focused state policy changes give us strong reasons to expect that we’ll continue to see improvements in the future,” said Amber Wallin, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, which runs the state’s KIDS COUNT program.

Feb 27 2023

Report: Recent investments in early childhood must be made permanent and reliable

2023-02-27T09:14:52-07:00Press Releases|

New Mexico is at a critical juncture between the recent and significant investments made in early childhood care and education (ECCE) programs and the political will to make those programs universal and permanent. That is one of the conclusions in a new report, Early Childhood Care and Education in New Mexico: Using New Tools and Rising to the Challenge.

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