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Jun 012023

Our Bonding Boondoggle GIF-splained

June 1st, 2023|

Most of us were taught at a fairly young age the importance of cleaning up the messes we make. But unfortunately, many American industries are not held to the same standards we set for our children. Chief among these is the oil and gas industry. This GIF-splainer looks at why that is and what it costs us.

Apr 192023

Tax Day – a time for reflection on all the things New Mexico has done right

April 19th, 2023|

Another Tax Day has come and gone, which makes it a great time to mention some of the improvements our state leaders have made to our tax system over the last several years. The big news is the creation and expansion of our Child Tax Credit, which we know is one of the best and most effective ways to help our families and their growing children.

Mar 092023

Historic tax bill would create economic opportunity

March 9th, 2023|

Santa Fe New Mexican--New Mexico’s greatest asset is its cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. Our people are the heart of our state, and now, our Legislature is recognizing that in a big way. It’s not an exaggeration to say the tax omnibus bill currently under consideration (House Bill 547) does more to improve economic opportunity and equity in our tax code than any legislation in our state’s history.

Dec 242022

State must be able to fund future

December 24th, 2022|

Santa Fe New Mexican--Because of our over-reliance on a boom-to-bust industry, New Mexico has a structural deficit -- a difference between reliable, recurring revenue and necessary, recurring spending that persists over time.

Nov 132022

Voters signal support for more than investments in early childhood

November 13th, 2022|

Las Cruces Sun-News--The recent election tells us a great deal about how committed New Mexicans are to our children and their families. New Mexico voters have spoken loud and clear — and they want the highest quality early care and education programs fully supported and available to all.

Jun 042022

Federal leasing program isn’t working for New Mexico

June 4th, 2022|

When the government leases lands at far below market rates and forces taxpayers to cover the cost of cleanup, we’re all missing out on money that is rightfully ours. This is revenue that should be used to pay for books for our schools and teacher salaries, not padding industry profits.

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