Jan 29 2020

New Mexico Senate Approves Funding Bill for 2020 Census Efforts, Heads to House Committee

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“Ensuring an accurate census count is crucial for improving child well-being in our state because so much of the funding for health, education, and food security programs that New Mexico kids depend upon is determined by the census,” said Amber Wallin, deputy director of New Mexico Voices for Children. “One of the most important things our state can do to address child well-being is ensure that this legislation is passed and signed.”

Jan 07 2020

Child Advocates Disappointed with LFC Budget Recommendation for Early Childhood Care and Learning Services

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Once again, some in the Legislature want to continue this slow-drip process for funding early childhood care and education services. Unfortunately, the Legislative Finance Committee budget recommendation is far below the investments needed in the programs that matter most to New Mexico kids and families and far below the responsible recommendations made by Governor Lujan Grisham.

Nov 25 2019

Report: NM to Lose Millions if New Immigration Rule is Implemented

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New Mexico could lose an estimated $146 million in federal funds if the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is able to implement rules it promulgated regarding government benefits, including nutrition and health care services. That lack of federal funds would translate to a loss to the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) of as much as $285 million, as well as 1,937 jobs, and $17 million in state tax revenue. That’s according to a policy brief co-released today by the Fiscal Policy Institute of New York and New Mexico Voices for Children.

Oct 15 2019

Analysis: 70% of NM Families with Children Will See State Income Tax Cut

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Most New Mexico families with children – 70% – will get a break on their state personal income taxes when they file their 2019 tax returns, thanks to legislation enacted in April by the state Legislature and Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. That’s according to an analysis by the Washington, DC-based Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), released today in coordination with New Mexico Voices for Children.

Aug 29 2019

NM Can Strengthen Its Economy and Communities with Two Inclusive Policies for Immigrants

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“When immigrant workers are short changed, their families’ long term economic security suffers. While New Mexico boasts some of the strongest anti-wage theft laws in the country, without an adequate budget to enforce them the state will continue to let employers off the hook,” said Marcela Díaz, Executive Director of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, a statewide immigrant and worker’s rights organization.

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