May 06 2020

Statement: Child Advocates Oppose Austerity, Press for Investments in Wake of State Revenue Estimates

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"The revenue estimate highlights how overly dependent New Mexico is on revenue from the volatile oil and gas industries. Thanks to ill-advised tax cuts in the past, oil and gas now account for one-third of the state budget. We simply can’t be that reliant on an industry with a boom-or-bust track record, particularly when the whole economy sours and other revenue streams take a hit due to the pandemic."

Apr 30 2020

NM’s Immigrants Mostly Left Out of COVID-19 Relief

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Many of New Mexico’s immigrants – including some with legal residency – have been mostly left out of ongoing state and federal relief efforts put in place to help blunt the coming recession and assist displaced workers and small business owners. That is one of the conclusions of a report released today to coincide with International Workers’ Day, which is May 1.

Mar 25 2020

Trump Administration Should Postpone Oil and Gas Lease Sales Until Prices Stabilize

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While New Mexico families are focused on making sure their loved ones are safe and healthy during this fast-moving crisis, other problems are brewing at the state level that may cause pain for years to come. Plummeting oil and gas prices are draining the state budget of funds needed for public safety, health care, education, and more. Actions by the Trump Administration will make this long-term revenue crisis worse.

Feb 04 2020

Policy Brief: State Should End Exclusions for Effective Anti-Poverty Tax Credit

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“Given that we have one of the highest child poverty rates in the nation, it’s in the state’s best interest to expand this tax credit to more hard-working families with children,” said James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children. “No child should be deprived of the benefits of this tax credit because of where their parents were born.”

Jan 29 2020

New Mexico Senate Approves Funding Bill for 2020 Census Efforts, Heads to House Committee

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“Ensuring an accurate census count is crucial for improving child well-being in our state because so much of the funding for health, education, and food security programs that New Mexico kids depend upon is determined by the census,” said Amber Wallin, deputy director of New Mexico Voices for Children. “One of the most important things our state can do to address child well-being is ensure that this legislation is passed and signed.”

Jan 07 2020

Child Advocates Disappointed with LFC Budget Recommendation for Early Childhood Care and Learning Services

2020-01-07T15:47:09-07:00Press Releases|

Once again, some in the Legislature want to continue this slow-drip process for funding early childhood care and education services. Unfortunately, the Legislative Finance Committee budget recommendation is far below the investments needed in the programs that matter most to New Mexico kids and families and far below the responsible recommendations made by Governor Lujan Grisham.

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