Nov 06 2018

Post-election, it’s time to get to work for our kids

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With election results in, it’s time to get to work. A new governor in office signals change on the horizon for New Mexico. We urge our new Governor, and our new and returning policymakers, to prioritize our hard-working families and their kids when they meet in January, 2019. Our Roadmap to a Stronger New Mexico outlines changes that are vital to improving child well-being in our state.

Oct 17 2018

New Analysis: Lowest-Income Taxpayers in NM Pay 1.8 Times the Tax Rate Paid by the Richest New Mexicans

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“Taxes are the way we accomplish great things for our state – build our schools and infrastructure, provide health care and public safety, and more,” said James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, which partnered with ITEP on the report release. “These systems and services underpin our economy and improve our quality of life. We all need to do our part to support them, but our current state tax system ensures that those who can afford to pay the most actually pay the least.”

Oct 01 2018

New Mexicans Decry Land and Water Conservation Fund’s Expiration

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“To grow up healthy, kids need a clean, beautiful, and accessible outdoors where they can spend time with family, play, and discover the amazing world around them,” said James Jimenez, Executive Director of New Mexico Voices for Children. “Without the Land and Water Conservation Fund, New Mexico will be severely hindered in our efforts to provide and protect such vital outdoor places for our families, including historically and socially significant outdoor areas.”

Sep 13 2018

U.S. Census: Poverty Rate Improves for New Mexico’s Youngest Children

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“A big drop in poverty for our youngest children is very good news, as poverty is most harmful to children when they are young. This is the time when critical brain development is happening and not only do kids living in poverty have fewer resources for enrichment, the stress caused by financial hardship can do real damage,” said James Jimenez, executive director for New Mexico Voices for Children, a child advocacy group.

Sep 07 2018

Child Advocates Decry Trump Administration Plan to Incarcerate Children

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“We are appalled that the Trump Administration has taken another step away from simple human decency by trying to subvert the Flores Settlement Agreement. The number one priority of the Flores agreement is that children not be incarcerated. This foundational principle recognizes that the best way to ensure a child’s well-being is to keep them out of jail. These standards of protection have been in place for decades and there is no reason they should be discarded."

Aug 29 2018

Report: State Minimum Wage Has Lost 16 Percent of its Purchasing Power

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“Food, utilities, rent, and basics like diapers, have all gotten more expensive in the last nine years, but our minimum wage has stagnated. That $7.50 does not buy what it bought in 2009,” said James Jimenez, executive director of NM Voices. “Given our rate of child poverty, which is the highest in the nation, it’s unconscionable that we haven’t raised the minimum wage to help New Mexico’s hard-working families and our economy.”

Jul 23 2018

Child Advocacy Group Reacts to Judge’s Decision in Yazzie and Martinez v. State of NM

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“Across the nation, children of color and children from low-resource families are much more likely to face barriers to success in school and beyond. These children are more likely than their white peers to go to schools that are underfunded and that struggle to attract the best teachers. These children are more likely to be behind even before they enter the schoolhouse doors.