Jul 01 2022

New Mexico’s children are worth the investment

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New Mexico is not like any other state. Our people, our traditions and our communities are unique. This November, voters have the opportunity to approve a ballot question that would bring data driven, transformational change to our state to level the playing field for hardworking New Mexico families, giving all of our kids, regardless of family income, a fair opportunity to thrive.

Feb 14 2022

New Mexico Must Act Now to Help Keep Families Housed

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Our families and communities are safer and can thrive best when everyone has a warm, healthy place to live. However, as many as 80,000 New Mexicans are at risk of eviction – that’s equivalent to almost the entire population of Sante Fe. Worse, approximately 16 families get evicted every day in the state.

Feb 14 2022

Leaders Have a Chance to Help New Mexicans Trapped in Endless Cycles of Debt

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For the last several years, some state lawmakers have tried to stop storefront lenders by introducing legislation requiring a 36% cap on interest rates and fees. But the predatory lending lobby has always been able to stop these bills. This year, legislation to impose a 36% rate cap is gaining momentum.

Feb 02 2022

Data shows New Mexico families struggle with basic expenses

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New Mexico’s leaders have taken many actions to protect and support children and families through this uncertainty, including hunger relief funding, emergency economic relief for those left out of federal stimulus payments, a new paid-sick-leave policy, and an increase and expansion of the Working Families Tax Credit, which will put money in the hands of families who will spend it quickly and locally to provide for their children’s basic needs. These actions prevented us from losing all the progress we’ve been working for to improve well-being for all of our children.

Jan 20 2022

A fair and equitable recovery starts with supporting women of color

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In this legislative session, New Mexico Voices for Children will be asking lawmakers to put families with children first in policymaking. High on the list of policies that will help ensure a just recovery and equitable opportunities for all families are enacting a state-level CTC, with families facing the biggest economic challenges seeing the biggest benefits.

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