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Sharon Kayne is NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Mar 09 2023

Historic tax bill would create economic opportunity

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Santa Fe New Mexican--New Mexico’s greatest asset is its cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. Our people are the heart of our state, and now, our Legislature is recognizing that in a big way. It’s not an exaggeration to say the tax omnibus bill currently under consideration (House Bill 547) does more to improve economic opportunity and equity in our tax code than any legislation in our state’s history.

Mar 09 2023

How tax policies exacerbate racial and ethnic disparities

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Fact Sheet Decades of structural racism – in everything from education to voting rights, home ownership, and even drug sentencing laws – have advantaged whites while disadvantaging people of color. This has led to huge gaps in income and wealth, and the state's tax system only makes them worse. (State-level data on income, wealth, and tax incidence by race and ethnicity.)

Mar 07 2023

NM should continue to lead the way on higher ed by fully funding the Opportunity Scholarship

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New Mexico is leading the way in providing all students with tuition-free higher education, and the Opportunity Scholarship has already shown results. That's why the Senate Finance Committee should fully fund the Opportunity Scholarship and keep it free of any guardrail language regarding its administration.

Mar 06 2023

A tax package unveiled at Roundhouse includes $300 rebates, expanded tax credits and overhaul of personal income tax code

2023-03-07T13:46:53-07:00Economic Security News Coverage, News Coverage, Tax and Budget News Coverage|

Albuquerque Journal--Amber Wallin, the executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, a nonprofit group that’s advocated for the child tax credit and other policies, said more than 90% of state taxpayers would see a tax cut under the proposed personal income tax code changes. “All of these things improve fairness in the tax code and level the playing field,” Wallin said Monday.

Feb 27 2023

Report: Recent investments in early childhood must be made permanent and reliable

2023-02-27T09:14:52-07:00Press Releases|

New Mexico is at a critical juncture between the recent and significant investments made in early childhood care and education (ECCE) programs and the political will to make those programs universal and permanent. That is one of the conclusions in a new report, Early Childhood Care and Education in New Mexico: Using New Tools and Rising to the Challenge.

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