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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Nov 06 2018

Post-election, it’s time to get to work for our kids

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With election results in, it’s time to get to work. A new governor in office signals change on the horizon for New Mexico. We urge our new Governor, and our new and returning policymakers, to prioritize our hard-working families and their kids when they meet in January, 2019. Our Roadmap to a Stronger New Mexico outlines changes that are vital to improving child well-being in our state.

Nov 03 2018

The next governor should improve our tax system and increase wages

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First, we recommend that the new governor work to make our tax system fairer and more stable. Thanks to 15 years of failed trickle-down tax cuts, New Mexico is now much too dependent on revenue from oil and natural gas extraction to fund our state services like education and public safety. But the amount of revenue we collect from oil production is based on prices that are set at the global level, so we’re stuck in a boom-or-bust cycle.

Oct 23 2018

Know the Numbers

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Fact sheet New Mexico's annual budget has not kept up with inflation or population growth -- so we're expecting our schools, hospitals, first responders, and more to do what they've always done but with less money. This fact sheet looks at some of the ways the state could raise the revenue it needs to make the necessary investments while making our tax system more fair for hard-working families.

Oct 23 2018

Investing in a Healthier New Mexico

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Report The Medicaid expansion, as part of the Affordable Care Act, has been very good for New Mexico. Not only are tens of thousands of New Mexicans able to access health care, the program has brought billions into the state that has created thousands of jobs, economic activity, and tax revenue. (State-level data on the number of jobs created, economic activity, and tax revenue as a result of the expansion)

Oct 22 2018

Local conference will focus on childhood trauma

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This year’s conference Childhood Trauma: From Symptoms to Systems Change, will take a hard look at ACEs – what causes them, what can be done to prevent them, and how we can promote resiliency. We will look at the importance of building trauma-informed practices throughout our agencies and organizations.

Oct 19 2018

To make all kids count, we must count all kids

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This is a perilous moment for New Mexico’s children. There’s no getting around it. Yet the future is not predetermined for kids in New Mexico. This state’s leaders can be inspired by this moment to do better by its children. They can choose to collaborate inclusively and act boldly and swiftly. That’s what it will take — both to position the state well for the 2020 census and to give children a better chance to thrive.

Oct 17 2018

Report: NM Tax Overhaul Would Benefit Kids, Families

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James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, said state policymakers could address the inequity by embracing a more progressive tax system. "It's really a much fairer way of allocating tax responsibility to support the kinds of things that we need - good, strong schools and higher education, great infrastructure," he said. "Those are really the fundamental things that we need to figure out how to pay for in a fair way."

Oct 17 2018

New Analysis: Lowest-Income Taxpayers in NM Pay 1.8 Times the Tax Rate Paid by the Richest New Mexicans

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“Taxes are the way we accomplish great things for our state – build our schools and infrastructure, provide health care and public safety, and more,” said James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, which partnered with ITEP on the report release. “These systems and services underpin our economy and improve our quality of life. We all need to do our part to support them, but our current state tax system ensures that those who can afford to pay the most actually pay the least.”

Oct 10 2018

Proposed Changes to Public Charge: What You Need to Know

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Fact sheet Rumors about proposed rule changes on the use of public benefits and immigration applications have many immigrants and their families worried about using programs like WIC, SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, and energy assistance. Do not give up important benefits that your family needs, like food assistance and health care, based on rumors and fear. Be informed so you can make the right choice for you and your family.