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Sharon Kayne in NM Voices for Children's Communications Director.
Sep 02 2021

Unable to get assistance: What happens to New Mexicans who speak lesser used languages

2021-09-02T15:41:01-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Human Rights/Civic Participation News Coverage, News Coverage, Racial and Ethnic Equity News Coverage|

A recent New Mexico Voices for Children report, Eligible but Excluded, said that federal law requires state agencies to provide “meaningful access” to people who speak languages other than English but many state agencies in New Mexico have no plans in place to improve language access. This makes breaking a system of economic hardship difficult and is inequitable, the report states.

Aug 31 2021

Exempting Social Security income from taxation: Not targeted, not necessary, not cheap

2021-08-31T15:26:36-06:00Economic Security Publications, Local Data, Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Fact Sheet Several proposals to exempt Social Security income from the state income tax are being considered, but none of them would be beneficial to New Mexico. This fact sheet explains why these bills: would not benefit those New Mexicans who need relief the most; are extremely costly; and are solutions in search of a problem. (State-level data on income tax payments on Social Security benefits)

Aug 30 2021

Some don’t know what they’ll do when federal unemployment assistance ends Sept. 4

2021-08-30T11:50:17-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, News Coverage, Racial and Ethnic Equity News Coverage|

“I think that the level of which people are being impacted by the pandemic is clearly not equal across genders, not equal across income spectrums, not equal across race or ethnicities. Because of that, we know women of color and women generally have been harmed more.”

Aug 17 2021

Eligible but Excluded

2021-08-20T09:19:29-06:00Economic Security Publications, Education Publications, Health Publications, Human Rights/Civic Participation Publications, Publications, Racial and Ethnic Equity Publications|

Report A follow-up to our Essential but Excluded report, this looks at how Asian/Pacific Islander and African immigrants and refugees are unable to access public benefits for which they are eligible - and not just during the pandemic - due to a pervasive lack of language access at many state agencies. This, despite federal laws requiring such access.

Aug 05 2021

Health-in-All-Policies for New Mexico

2021-08-20T09:16:47-06:00Economic Security Publications, Education Publications, Health Publications, Publications, Racial and Ethnic Equity Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Report Your state of health is dependent on many variables - including where you live, how much you earn, and even how far you went in school. These are called "social determinants of health" and they not only impact your health but they also impact your ability to choose a healthy lifestyle. Everyone's health could be improved if lawmakers took these determinants of health into account when creating public policies. This report offers an overview of the determinants of health as well as the policies that can improve health for all.

Aug 02 2021

NM Families Start School Year with Extra Money for Child Care

2021-08-02T17:05:25-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Education News Coverage, News Coverage|

Wallin noted that families of color were especially hard-hit by school closures and other economic impacts from the pandemic and now, should have more peace of mind. "They're able to better afford housing needs and ensure they can buy their kids back-to-school clothes," said Wallin. "But also it's helping them go back to work, afford necessities and helping our economy get back on track as well."

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