Jan 08 2020

A Guide to New Mexico’s Tax System

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The taxes we all pay are how we fund the state’s programs and public services that benefit us collectively. They are how we build our roads, bridges, waterlines, electrical grids, and how we educate our children, advance public health, and uphold our laws. These programs and services form the foundation of our economy, enhance our quality of life, and pay dividends far into the future.

Jan 08 2020

A Guide to New Mexico’s State Budget

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Our state budget is a reflection of what we value most and an illustration of the kind of communities we wish to create. How we spend and allocate funding – basically, how we make our values a reality – is decided by the lawmakers we elect to represent us in Santa Fe. They create the annual budget that the state uses to provide services that benefit us collectively, like education and health care.

Oct 29 2019

The Working Families Tax Credit is a Smart Investment in a Healthier New Mexico

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Fact Sheet Improving the Working Families Tax Credit would put more money back into the hands of New Mexico’s hard-working families – and the businesses where they will spend it. (State-level data on Working Families Tax Credit recipients.)

Oct 15 2019

Fairer Taxes Put Us on the Road to a Stronger New Mexico!

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Fact sheet Most New Mexico families with children will see a state income tax cut thanks to legislation enacted in April. The legislation also helps make our state tax system more fair and will provide a reliable stream of revenue for our schools, hospitals, and more. (State-level estimates on number of taxpayers who will see a state income tax cut and the total amount returned.)

Apr 08 2019

Policy, Advocacy, and Child Well-being in New Mexico

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Presentation Most people do not associate taxes with health, but there is a definite connection -- and it goes beyond raising enough revenue to pay for health care programs like Medicaid. What we tax, who pays the most, and who benefits are all aspects that impact a family's financial security, which in turn, impacts where they can live, what kind of food they can afford to purchase, and more.

Jan 21 2019

Tax and Jobs Analysis of San Juan Generating Station Closure

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Report The San Juan Generating Station in Waterflow, New Mexico, is slated for closure in 2022. Closure of both the mine and plant will eliminate approximately 450 jobs and result in the loss of tax revenue for San Juan County, San Juan Community College, and the local school district. This analysis shows that the complex is a good candidate for redevelopment as a solar photovoltaic plant, saving jobs and tax revenue. (State-level estimates of the fiscal and economic impacts of closing the San Juan Generating Station.)