Jan 30 2017

NM’s Working Families Tax Credit

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In New Mexico, the Working Families Tax Credit is one of the most sensible parts of our tax code: it encourages work, helps to raise hard-working families out of poverty, and benefits almost 300,000 children, while also pumping millions back into local communities. Increasing the credit is a smart investment in our businesses, working families, and future. (A Working Poor Families Project report; state-level data on recipiency; appendix contains county- and legislative-district-level data on recipiency)

Aug 31 2016

New Mexico Public School Funding through the Great Recession and Beyond

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A lawsuit currently working its way thought the New Mexico court system asserts that the state has failed to provide school funding sufficient for the education of all school-age children in the state, as required by the New Mexico constitution. This report supports those arguments. (A Fiscal Policy Project report)

Aug 30 2016

Funding Early Childhood Services in New Mexico

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A PowerPoint presentation giving a brief overview of how the state collects tax revenue and creates the operating budget, the reasons behind the current revenue shortfall, and a look at how the state's $14 billion Land Grant Permanent School Fund could be used to fund early childhood care and education programs. Presented to a coalition of early childhood care and education providers in Deming. (Presentation)

Aug 15 2016

A Blueprint for a State in the Red

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After years of enacting ineffective tax breaks for profitable corporations and other special interests, New Mexico's tax system now fails to bring in the revenue needed to make the investments that create strong communities and a robust economy. This policy brief goes over the many ways lawmakers could bring in the money needed for our critical public investments. (A Fiscal Policy Project policy brief)

May 06 2016

Cuts to Medicaid will make New Mexico’s budget problems worse

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Every year, as we continue to give away much-needed revenue in the form of ineffective tax cuts, New Mexico must revisit this choice: do we protect tax cuts for corporations and the rich and continue to under-fund critical services like health care and education or do we raise new revenue and invest in the programs that make New Mexico’s people and economy strong and healthy? (Fact sheet)

Mar 24 2016

HSD inefficiencies cost New Mexico money and deny eligible families food and medical assistance

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For a quarter of a century New Mexico has been under a court order to improve how it processes applications for food and health care benefits. Yet it continues to be in contempt of court. This fact sheet looks at the problems and presents solutions. Produced in conjunction with the NM Center on Law and Poverty. (Fact sheet; state-level data on NM HSD's problems processing Medicaid and SNAP applications)

Feb 12 2016

Our budget is in crisis

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Between the recent drop in oil and gas prices, the state's sluggish economy, and a decade worth of tax cuts, New Mexico is not bringing in enough revenue to properly fund services like education, health care and public safety. This fact sheet lays out several options lawmakers have for raising new revenue. (A Fiscal Policy Project fact sheet)