Apr 25 2018

Improving the best anti-poverty measure in New Mexico

2018-11-28T16:03:06-07:00Economic Security Publications, Local Data, Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Fact sheet New Mexico's Working Families Tax Credit works with the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, which has been hailed as one of the best anti-poverty, pro-job creation measures Congress has ever enacted. This fact sheet explains why this tax credit works so well and how New Mexico policymakers could make it even more effective. And it could all be paid for by ending an ineffective tax credit. (State-level data on the Working Families Tax Credit)

Jan 26 2018

A Blueprint for a Prosperous State

2018-06-17T14:28:16-06:00Publications, Tax and Budget Publications|

Prosperity requires investments. You can’t grow a garden without good soil, water, and some hard work. Same with a state—you can’t have prosperity without resources, infrastructure, and a skilled workforce. But New Mexico has tried to cut its way to prosperity and it hasn't worked. This brief offers several recommendations for raising revenue so lawmakers can invest in our state and its people. (Policy brief)

Dec 18 2017

The Impacts of Taxing Food & Non-Profits

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Created for a workshop presented at the Community Pantry in Gallup, this PowerPoint presentation looks at the negative impacts of taxing both food and nonprofits, and includes information about how to advocate with legislators on behalf of low-income and food-insecure New Mexicans and the nonprofits that serve them. (Presentation; state- and county-level data on food insecurity)

Feb 28 2017

Tax cuts have cost New Mexico $516 million in lost revenue but unemployment remains high

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Corporate tax cuts backed by the Martinez administration were supposed to make New Mexico more "business friendly," which would bring jobs to the Land of Enchantment. Despite the high cost of these tax cuts--which has led to deep spending cuts in education, health care and public safety--unemployment in New Mexico remains stubbornly high. (Fact sheet)

Feb 08 2017

The Voices of Children in New Mexico

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This PowerPoint looks at some possible funding sources for New Mexico's child abuse prevention programs, as well as presents the NM S.A.F.E. campaign as a good model for determining if legislation would protect future victims from violent crime. Presented at the UNM Health Sciences Center’s conference, Childhood Adversity: The Impact of Maltreatment—Definitions, Prevention and Intervention Strategies. (Presentations)

Jan 30 2017

NM’s Working Families Tax Credit

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In New Mexico, the Working Families Tax Credit is one of the most sensible parts of our tax code: it encourages work, helps to raise hard-working families out of poverty, and benefits almost 300,000 children, while also pumping millions back into local communities. Increasing the credit is a smart investment in our businesses, working families, and future. (A Working Poor Families Project report; state-level data on recipiency; appendix contains county- and legislative-district-level data on recipiency)