Sep 22 2017

Sustaining Career Pathways Frameworks

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Career pathways, programs that move non-traditional adult students along a continuum into post-secondary education, have shown real promise in other states. However, they require a systemic framework that aligns policies and funding for a comprehensive approach. This PowerPoint, presented to the SUN PATH Advisory Council, looks at funding sources, possible frameworks, and examples of effective career pathway programs in other states. (A Working Poor Families Project presentation)

Mar 01 2017

College affordability in New Mexico is out of balance

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Despite the fact that New Mexico needs college-educated workers now and in the future, the cost of college has gone up dramatically. Meanwhile, little of the state's financial aid is granted to students with financial needs. Even the lottery scholarship goes disproportionately to students who could otherwise afford tuition. (A Working Poor Families Project fact sheet; state-level data on college affordability)

Aug 31 2016

New Mexico Public School Funding through the Great Recession and Beyond

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A lawsuit currently working its way thought the New Mexico court system asserts that the state has failed to provide school funding sufficient for the education of all school-age children in the state, as required by the New Mexico constitution. This report supports those arguments. (A Fiscal Policy Project report)

Aug 30 2016

Funding Early Childhood Services in New Mexico

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A PowerPoint presentation giving a brief overview of how the state collects tax revenue and creates the operating budget, the reasons behind the current revenue shortfall, and a look at how the state's $14 billion Land Grant Permanent School Fund could be used to fund early childhood care and education programs. Presented to a coalition of early childhood care and education providers in Deming. (Presentation)

Jun 29 2016

NM KIDS are COUNTing on Us: A Campaign for a Better New Mexico

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For the third straight year, New Mexico ranks 49th in the nation for child well-being. It will take a comprehensive and focused set of strategies, and the political and public will to make them a reality, to improve child well-being in New Mexico. This policy agenda, based on the metrics used to measure child well-being in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual KIDS COUNT Data Book, offers one such approach. (Policy agenda)

Apr 28 2015

Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce… Hispanic Children

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This PowerPoint presentation, created for the 2015 MAFO national conference, looks at how Hispanic children in New Mexico and the nation are faring, provides a brief overview of the state's Hispanic Education Act, and offers some policy solutions for better preparing this future workforce. (Presentation; state-level data on educational outcomes by race and ethnicity)

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