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Racial & Ethnic Equity Publications

Feb 102023

It’s Time For Corporations To Pay Their Fair Share

Fact Sheet Profit-minded corporations will happily accept tax breaks, but tax rates aren't a big factor when they consider locating in a new state. Most of what they do consider - a well-educated and skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, good schools, etc., - are the very amenities states support with the tax revenue corporations try not to pay. This fact sheet makes the argument for increasing the taxes corporations pay on the profits earned here. (State-level data on decline of corporate income tax revenue as a share of all tax revenue)

Jan 302023

Improving equity through our tax code

Fact Sheet In New Mexico, the personal income tax is an underutilized tool to raise consistent, sustainable revenue and advance racial equity. This fact sheet looks at how our state and local tax system is upside down. (State-level data on effective tax rates by income levels.)

Jan 182023

2022 New Mexico KIDS COUNT Data Book

NM KIDS COUNT Data Book Given the pandemic, child well-being could have taken a great tumble. But, thanks to smart investments at both the state and federal levels, data from 2021 reflect no significant declines – and even some slight improvement. This annual report provides data on numerous child well-being indicators related to economic security, education, health, and family and community, and includes policy solutions. (State-, county-, tribal- and school district-level data on child well-being.)

Oct 052022

Federal Student Loan Debt Relief and New Mexico Students and Grads

Policy Brief President Biden’s plan to provide federal student loan debt relief to millions of borrowers is popular – but it’s also a bit complicated. This short policy brief explains what the plan does, who is eligible, and how to apply. There’s even information on changes to Income-Driven Repayment plans and a calendar of deadlines for applications.

Jul 272022

Art as an Alternative

Report Given that so many youth within the state’s juvenile system have faced multiple adverse childhood experiences, any effective rehabilitation efforts must address their long-term impacts. This report looks at how informal diversion programs based on the arts can help youth dealing with ACEs and save the state money. (State-level data on the juvenile system.)

Jun 082022

New Mexico is Putting Families First in Tax Policy

Fact Sheet Our state’s policy makers made a number of improvements to the tax code since 2019 that will help low- and middle-income New Mexicans, improve equity, and increase economic opportunity for our working families. (State-level data on how recent tax changes will benefit families)

Nov 032021

Supporting Parents and Newborns for a Healthier New Mexico

Fact Sheet In New Mexico, new mothers whose births were covered by Medicaid are only eligible to receive health care for another two months. This is particularly problematic for mothers and babies of color, who are more likely to have postpartum health issues. Find out how lawmakers can make our health care system more equitable. (State-level data on maternal death rates by race and ethnicity)

Sep 202021

Ending Childhood Food Insecurity in New Mexico

Report New Mexico's childhood food insecurity rate has long been at or near the highest in the nation. The pandemic and resulting recession only made it worse. This updated report looks at why food insecurity is such a problem in New Mexico, how it impacts children and families, and what the state can do about it. (State- and county-level data on food and economic insecurity)

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