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Jan 19 2019

Helping NM families get ahead by fixing the child care cliff effect

2021-08-27T12:27:55-06:00Economic Security Publications, Education Publications, Local Data, Publications|

Fact Sheet A companion to the report The Cliff Effect: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, this sums up the report's basic message about how the sudden loss of benefits like child care assistance - called the cliff effect - can act as a disincentive for hard-working families trying to lift themselves out of poverty. Also includes policy recommendations for mitigating the cliff effect. (State-level data on the child care assistance program)

Nov 28 2018

The Cliff Effect: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

2021-08-27T12:26:25-06:00Economic Security Publications, Education Publications, Local Data, Publications|

Report How can a $1 raise in pay throw families into poverty? When they are at the ceiling for child care assistance eligibility, a tiny raise can mean they go from paying 18 percent of their income on child care to 38 percent. Work supports like child care assistance should help families achieve economic stability. But the sudden loss of benefits - called the cliff effect - can have the opposite effect. (State-level data on the child care assistance program)

Jun 15 2018

On Father’s Day and every day, families belong together

2018-06-23T13:54:06-06:00Blog Posts, Racial and Ethnic Equity Blog|

As a recent college graduate returning to my home state after four years, I feel grateful to be able to celebrate Father’s Day with my family this summer. We devote time every year to celebrate our parents and all that they do for us because, as Americans, we value family. But this Father’s Day, I cannot help but think about the current immigration policies that are tearing young children away from their moms and dads and ignoring the importance of family.

Jun 14 2018

Strengthen New Mexico — Focus on Families

2024-04-04T15:53:29-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Health News Coverage, News Coverage|

KRWG--Many great organizations, both state agencies and nonprofits, are hard at work addressing the major components of child development and care. Organizations such as New Mexico Kids, Farm to Table New Mexico, the Brindle Foundation and New Mexico Voices for Children address a wide range of issues, such as early childhood education, food security and safe neighborhoods.

May 11 2018

NM Voices for Children host data workshop on child well-being

2024-04-04T15:55:52-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Kids Count News Coverage, News Coverage|

Gallup Sun--“The Kids Count data is a resource to tell you how your kids are doing,” Jordan said. He said data filters, like looking at statistics by school districts, are easily plugged into data searches to fit various statistical needs. The goal is to get the most accurate data possible, he said. Participants included families—many with children—community organizers, and professionals in the health care industry. Supper was served while discussions took place.

May 11 2018

NM Child Advocates: “Fix the Cliff” with $20 Million in Federal Funds

2024-04-04T15:56:30-06:00Economic Security News Coverage, Education News Coverage, News Coverage|

Public News Service--"Childcare is very expensive; it is more expensive than tuition at UNM,” says Kayne. “These are generally young parents who are starting out, and they simply don't have the kind of income that allows them to either have high-quality childcare, or have one parent stay home and take care of kids."

May 09 2018

Report: State Should Use Extra Federal Funds to Improve Child Care Assistance

2022-04-05T16:27:38-06:00Press Releases|

“Many families that are faced with the cliff effect have to make terrible choices,” said Armelle Casau, PhD, who co-authored the report. “Some turn down a pay increase, while others have to rely on a lower-cost—which usually means lower-quality—child care situation. Work supports should be designed so that they help parents succeed.”

Apr 30 2018

Moving the Needle on Child Well-Being

2018-11-28T16:01:53-07:00Economic Security Publications, Education Publications, Health Publications, Kids Count Publications, Local Data, Publications|

Report New Mexico has a long and proud history of cutting-edge innovation in many fields, so making progress on child well-being is within our reach if we fully commit to it. This report lays out the ways in which we can move the needle on child well-being by enacting smart public policies. (A special KIDS COUNT report; state-level data on indicators of child well-being)

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