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Nick Estes is a Deputy Policy Director at NM Voices for Children.
Oct 04 2012

Testifying about the benefits of health care reform

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I reminded the Committee that, for uninsured New Mexicans, this is literally a matter of life and death. It is estimated that more than 300 New Mexicans die every year because they don’t get the kind of medical treatment they need due to not having health insurance. Having health insurance means people can get the kind of preventive and follow-up care that saves lives (and saves money).

Feb 10 2012

Children’s Medicaid enrollment still flat as your hat

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Each month, the Human Services Department posts figures showing the number of people in different categories enrolled in Medicaid (with a four-month lag). They just released the numbers for October 2011, broken down by adults and children and by various categories. Once again, children’s enrollment was down to 336,436. This is about the same as October 2010 (336,034), even though the number of New Mexico children has grown almost 2 percent over the year.

Dec 13 2011

The economic benefits of health care reform in New Mexico

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The new federal dollars flowing to New Mexico health care providers will generate billions more in economic activity, creating tens of thousands of new jobs and raising about $1billion in new state tax revenue—far more than the state’s share of the cost of implementing ACA. The more aggressive the state is in expanding health care to uninsured New Mexicans, the greater the health and economic benefits to the state.

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