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Nov 132022

Voters signal support for more than investments in early childhood

Las Cruces Sun-News--The recent election tells us a great deal about how committed New Mexicans are to our children and their families. New Mexico voters have spoken loud and clear — and they want the highest quality early care and education programs fully supported and available to all.

Oct 052022

Getting a handle on student loan debt

We all benefit when college is affordable enough that anyone can attend, and all New Mexicans should have the opportunity to further their education and careers. College graduates become the teachers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals that serve us and our communities.

Aug 302022

Inflation Reduction Act raises more revenue for NM schools

There is plenty to celebrate in the landmark Investment Reduction Act. New Mexicans will benefit with lower energy costs, good-paying jobs, more energy-efficient homes and businesses, cleaner air, funding for wildfire prevention and drought preparedness, and much more.

Aug 212022

New Mexico can move forward on education with heart

Santa Fe New Mexican--New Mexico voters can also take action by voting Yes on Constitutional Amendment 1 on the ballot in November. Constitutional Amendment 1 would draw down a small portion of the $26 billion permanent school fund to support high-quality early childhood care and education services - such as home visiting and pre-kindergarten - and services for at-risk students.

Apr 052022

Time to evict discriminatory rental practices

Those who use assistance to pay their rent may have difficulty finding a landlord who will rent to them. Sadly, this blatant discrimination is entirely legal in many places. Albuquerque is looking to change that and kick housing discrimination to the curb.

Feb 142022

New Mexico must act now to help keep families housed

Our families and communities are safer and can thrive best when everyone has a warm, healthy place to live. However, as many as 80,000 New Mexicans are at risk of eviction – that’s equivalent to almost the entire population of Sante Fe. Worse, approximately 16 families get evicted every day in the state.

Feb 022022

Data shows New Mexico families struggle with basic expenses

Albuquerque Journal--New Mexico’s leaders have taken many actions to protect and support children and families through this uncertainty, including hunger relief funding, emergency economic relief for those left out of federal stimulus payments, a new paid-sick-leave policy, and an increase and expansion of the Working Families Tax Credit, which will put money in the hands of families who will spend it quickly and locally to provide for their children’s basic needs.

Jan 202022

A fair and equitable recovery starts with supporting women of color

New Mexico In Depth--In this legislative session, New Mexico Voices for Children will be asking lawmakers to put families with children first in policymaking. High on the list of policies that will help ensure a just recovery and equitable opportunities for all families are enacting a state-level CTC, with families facing the biggest economic challenges seeing the biggest benefits.

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