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Economic Security & Prosperity Blog

Mar 092023

Historic tax bill would create economic opportunity

Santa Fe New Mexican--New Mexico’s greatest asset is its cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. Our people are the heart of our state, and now, our Legislature is recognizing that in a big way. It’s not an exaggeration to say the tax omnibus bill currently under consideration (House Bill 547) does more to improve economic opportunity and equity in our tax code than any legislation in our state’s history.

Mar 032023

How criminal fees damage our communities

Las Cruces Sun-News--Court fines and fees are an inefficient way to raise revenue for the state, as collection often costs more than what's brought it. But there are other ways in which this juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Nov 132022

Voters signal support for more than investments in early childhood

Las Cruces Sun-News--The recent election tells us a great deal about how committed New Mexicans are to our children and their families. New Mexico voters have spoken loud and clear — and they want the highest quality early care and education programs fully supported and available to all.

Oct 052022

Getting a handle on student loan debt

We all benefit when college is affordable enough that anyone can attend, and all New Mexicans should have the opportunity to further their education and careers. College graduates become the teachers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals that serve us and our communities.

Aug 302022

Inflation Reduction Act raises more revenue for NM schools

There is plenty to celebrate in the landmark Investment Reduction Act. New Mexicans will benefit with lower energy costs, good-paying jobs, more energy-efficient homes and businesses, cleaner air, funding for wildfire prevention and drought preparedness, and much more.

Aug 212022

New Mexico can move forward on education with heart

Santa Fe New Mexican--New Mexico voters can also take action by voting Yes on Constitutional Amendment 1 on the ballot in November. Constitutional Amendment 1 would draw down a small portion of the $26 billion permanent school fund to support high-quality early childhood care and education services - such as home visiting and pre-kindergarten - and services for at-risk students.

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