Apr 192023

Tax Day – a time for reflection on all the things New Mexico has done right

Another Tax Day has come and gone, which makes it a great time to mention some of the improvements our state leaders have made to our tax system over the last several years. The big news is the creation and expansion of our Child Tax Credit, which we know is one of the best and most effective ways to help our families and their growing children.

Mar 092023

Historic tax bill would create economic opportunity

Santa Fe New Mexican--New Mexico’s greatest asset is its cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. Our people are the heart of our state, and now, our Legislature is recognizing that in a big way. It’s not an exaggeration to say the tax omnibus bill currently under consideration (House Bill 547) does more to improve economic opportunity and equity in our tax code than any legislation in our state’s history.

Mar 032023

How criminal fees damage our communities

Las Cruces Sun-News--Court fines and fees are an inefficient way to raise revenue for the state, as collection often costs more than what's brought it. But there are other ways in which this juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Mar 012023

Saving Children’s Lives by Passing Common-Sense Gun Laws

Carlsbad Current Argus--Guns are the leading cause of death for kids in New Mexico, with the largest share of gun deaths being suicides. Legislators have the opportunity to protect our children from gun violence with common-sense regulations during this legislative session.

Feb 072023

A vivid reminder of why health care must be a priority

I met a group of women at the Roundhouse this week who had recently lost close family members to COVID, including one who had lost a child. Their stories were powerful, and their emotions were raw. Our brief encounter was a vivid reminder that we still have many health care challenges ahead of us. We must do better.

Feb 012023

Support children’s health through the Public Health and Climate Resiliency Act

Carlsbad Current-Argus--Children are especially vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, which include extreme heat, poor air quality, drought, flooding, and wildfires. However, this legislative session, lawmakers have the opportunity to protect New Mexicans from these threats to public health by passing the Public Health and Climate Resiliency Act.

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