June 25, 2015

CONTACT: Sharon Kayne, Communications Director, NM Voices for Children, 505-244-9505 

ALBUQUERQUE—New Mexico Voices for Children issued the following statement regarding today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold tax credits under the Affordable Care Act:

“Although New Mexico would not been adversely impacted by the Supreme Court’s decision either way, we’re pleased that the nation’s highest court has again upheld the Affordable Care Act,” said Veronica C. García, Ed.D., executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children. “A negative decision would have meant the loss of health care for millions of Americans. That would have been disastrous for them personally and contrary to what we stand for as a nation.

“The ACA has tremendously benefited New Mexico – improving not just the health of our people, but the health of our economy, as well. Moving forward, we need to ensure that we continue to expand health coverage to everyone. It is in everyone’s best interests that we meet our obligations and fully fund Medicaid in the coming years. The importance of the Affordable Care Act to New Mexico’s people and economy cannot be overstated.”


New Mexico Voices for Children is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization advocating for policies to improve the health and well-being of New Mexico’s children, families and communities.
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