May 1, 2012

Dear Friends and Funders,

It is my great honor to inform you that Veronica C. Garcia, Ed.D., has been hired to lead New Mexico Voices for Children as its new executive director. Veronica was chosen from among a stellar group of candidates and brings extraordinary skills and unique experience to this job as well as a deeply held passion for improving the lives of New Mexico’s children and families.

Dr. Garcia began her lifetime of service to children as a classroom teacher, eventually working her way into leadership roles first as a principal, regional superintendent in the Albuquerque Public Schools, then associate superintendent and superintendent of the Santa Fe Public Schools. In 2003 she was tapped to serve as the state’s first Cabinet Secretary of Education. During her tenure as Secretary she advocated for the creation of the state’s pre-kindergarten program as well as the Hispanic Education Act, among other initiatives.

Dr. Garcia also has a personal understanding about the importance of public policy in changing lives. In her cover letter, she wrote eloquently about the “social services, public assistance, and programs of the Great Society under Lyndon B. Johnson, such as the National Defense Student Loan/Grant program, that enabled me to attend college.” She credits her life experience as teaching her that education is a social justice issue.

Dr. Garcia brings a deep commitment to improving the health and well-being of New Mexico’s children and families, and a strong belief in our mission and the core values that undergird all of our work.

The staff and Board of NM Voices look forward to working with Veronica, and I believe you will find her a smart, passionate, and dedicated advocate for children.


Joseph Maestas
Board Chair