2015 SoH Save the Date

New Presentations

PowerPoint: Why So Many Parents Can’t Put Enough Food on the Table Looks at some of the systemic reasons so many New Mexico parents don’t earn enough money to feed their families. Presented at the End Hunger in New Mexico Summit.

  • Download the PowerPoint (Sept. 24, 2015; 22 slides; pdf)

PowerPoint: Child Well-Being in New Mexico: Data and Policy Recommendations Looks at data on some of the areas where New Mexico does poorly in terms of child well-being, along with some policy recommendations to address them. Presented to the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee.

  • Download the PowerPoint (Sept. 21, 2015; 31 slides; pdf)

New Report

Raising the New Mexico Minimum Wage: Who it would help, how much they would benefit, and why indexing it to inflation is necessary The state’s minimum wage of $7.50 an hour now has the purchasing power of just $6.52 thanks to inflation. Raising the wage would benefit nearly 200,000 workers and more than 20 percent of the state’s children.

  • Download the report (September 2015; 12 pages; pdf)