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Investing in Early Childhood Town Halls

Join community members, educators and local leaders to learn why investing in Early Childhood means a brighter future for New Mexico—and how YOU can make a difference by becoming an early childhood education voter. Hear from experts, take part in the discussion and get involved, learn where state and local candidates stand on Early Childhood Education.

Enter to Win this Classic Cadillac Eldorado Convertible!

Own a piece of ‘Burque history! This classic 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, formerly owned and driven by Albuquerque's famous Garcia's restaurants founder, Andy Garcia, is being raffled off to benefit New Mexico Voices for Children. Your purchase will help us advocate on behalf of our state's low-income families and children.
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Valuing Families at Work: The Case for Paid Sick Leave

Many low-wage occupations do not come with benefits like paid sick leave. So workers who are already earning low wages have to forfeit those wages in order to stay at home to tend a sick child or care for themselves. The U.S. has no national policy, so states and cities are taking up the issue. With the lowest rate in the nation of workers with paid sick leave, New Mexico has much to gain by enacting such legislation. A Working Poor Families Project report.
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March 24, 2016
Faced with a revenue shortfall while crafting the state budget, the majority of our lawmakers chose to protect tax cuts for corporations and the rich—even though there’s absolutely no evidence that they’ve created any jobs—and voted instead to force more than $400 million in cuts to Medicaid.…
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