2016 KIDS COUNT in New Mexico

In the past year, New Mexico has seen some improvements in child well-being—especially regarding health. We’ve also seen troubling increases in other indicators over the short- and long-term. This annual KIDS COUNT report on child well-being presents data by county, tribal area, and school district on indicators such as child and teen death rates, preschool enrollment, teen births, and more. (An annual KIDS COUNT report; Jan. 2017) Read more

Raising the State Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage is an effective strategy for reducing poverty in New Mexico, particularly given the erosion of its purchasing power since it was last raised in 2009. This report looks at the demographics of the state’s minimum wage earners, as well as makes the case for indexing the wage to inflation. (A Fiscal Policy Project report; Jan. 2017) Read more

Turning Assistance into Opportunity

The TANF program provides some cash assistance to eligible families with children so they can better afford basic necessities. Unfortunately, TANF in New Mexico does not sufficiently address one of the reasons families fall into or remain in poverty: the lack of education credentials and job skills, which present barriers to employment and to getting jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. (A KIDS COUNT Special Report; Dec. 2016) Read more
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January 4, 2017
When Facebook was considering New Mexico as a location for a new data center, the state started playing the "Let's Make a Tax Deal" game. Turns out that tax breaks are about as important to these kinds of decisions as is the risk of natural disasters. Which is to say, very low.
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