Originally called the Coalition for Children, New Mexico Voices for Children (NM Voices) was founded in 1987 by three pediatricians. Led by Dr. Robert Greenberg, the group sought a way to change the root causes of poor child well-being — causes like poverty, inadequate nutrition, violence, pollution, homelessness, and the like. They knew that such entrenched problems would only be solved by changing the systems that perpetuated them. These systems include underfunded schools, the prevalence of low-wage jobs, wage theft by unscrupulous employers, unchecked predatory lending, substandard housing, and the criminalization of drug use, among others. Changing these systems requires educating lawmakers and other leaders about the problems and their solutions, and then holding them accountable.

Thirty years later, NM Voices, a nonpartisan, statewide advocacy organization, still works to create systems-level sustainable change to improve the lives of New Mexico’s children. To accomplish our mission, we work with state and national lawmakers and officials to shape and implement public policies that are supportive of children and working families.

Because we believe in evidence–based advocacy, we conduct rigorous research and data analysis. NM Voices is the only nonprofit child advocacy organization in the state examining tax and budget policy issues specific to the needs of the poor. (Learn more about our work here.)


Our Vision Statement

All New Mexico children and families have equitable opportunities to thrive and to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the status, well-being and racial/ethnic equity of New Mexico’s children, families, and communities in the areas of health, education, and economic security by promoting public policies through credible research and effective advocacy.

Our Core Values Statement

New Mexico Voices for Children conducts its work in an ethical and credible manner and demonstrates fairness and inclusivity in all its interactions.

NM Voices for Children 2012 Children’s Charter:

Our Vision for the Next Generation

  • All children and their families are economically secure.
  • All children and their families have a high-quality cradle-to-career system of care and education.
  • All children and their families have quality health care and supportive health programs.
  • All children and their families are free from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or country of origin.
  • All children and their families live in safe and supportive communities.
  • All children and their families’ interests and needs are adequately represented in all levels of government through effective civic participation and protection of voters’ rights.
  • All children and their families’ needs are a high priority in local, state, and federal budgets and benefit from a tax system that is fair, transparent, and that generates sufficient revenues.

Funding Sources

Most of our work is supported by private funding from foundations and people like you. Please consider adding your voice to ours by donating now.