By Susan Dunlap, NM Political Report
Aug. 7, 2023

Children are at greater risk to pollutants and various deleterious effects caused by climate change, including behavioral health risks, a new report found.

Aspects of climate change, such as increased wildfire, extreme heat, air and water pollution, have a larger impact on children than adults, according to the report compiled by New Mexico Voices for Children. Children’s bodies and immune systems are still developing and they drink more water and breathe in more air per body weight than adults. This makes them more susceptible to contamination.

New Mexico Voices for Children released the report at the end of July, which the United Nations declared to be the hottest on record before the month came to an end. July was the hottest month in New Mexico history by nearly two degrees in average temperature since record keeping began in 1891. 

Divya Shiv, New Mexico Voices for Children research and policy analyst, said the intersection between climate change and health cannot be understated.

“As we’re experiencing extreme heat throughout New Mexico, we’re looking at how it impacts health and especially children, who are particularly vulnerable,” she said.

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