By Alaina Mencinger, Albuquerque Journal
Aug. 7, 2023

Children are especially susceptible to the effects of climate change, including extreme heat, said Divya Shiv, the author of a recent report from New Mexico Voices for Children.

According to the report, food insecurity, extreme heat and poor air quality disproportionately affect children’s physical and mental well-being.

“When we think about climate change, we don’t always think about how it impacts the specific people in our lives,” Shiv said. “And children are especially vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.”

Children spend more time outdoors, increasing their exposure to poor air quality and intense heat, Shiv said. Because their bodies and immune systems are still developing, they are less able to regulate their body temperatures. And supply chain disruptions due to intense weather events can raise food prices, exposing more children to food insecurity.

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