By Dan Boyd, Albuquerque Journal
February 13, 2022

SANTA FE – New Mexicans with children would get an annual tax credit of up to $350 per child under a House bill that sparked debate – but not a vote – on Saturday.

The proposed new income tax credit, House Bill 213, could end up being included in a tax package that’s still being crafted by lawmakers in the final days of this year’s 30-day legislative session.

It would provide a tax credit that would vary in amount depending on a parent or legal guardian’s income levels.

For instance, a resident with less than $25,000 in total annual income would be eligible for a tax credit of $350 per child, while those making more than $350,000 annually could get a $50 credit for each child.

The tax credit would be refundable, meaning it could be applied to any tax liabilities incurred by an individual or family.

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