Paid sick leave goes into effect next summer for New Mexico workers

By Austin Fisher, Source NM
Oct. 13, 2021

Tamara Dickinson, of Clovis, has been in the restaurant industry for more than two decades. Low pay and no paid sick leave are a given, she says.

But in 2011, she left her job at a bar in Rio Rancho for better pay — $6 an hour, plus tips — at the Star Trek-themed Nexus Brewery in Albuquerque. A few years later, in 2015, the restaurant added paid time off. She said the benefit made her feel taken care of and happy to work there.

“Sometimes restaurant workers kind of get a bad rap, that you’re not as important or you’re kind of at the bottom of the food chain, like worker-wise, you know. People treat you a little differently,” Dickinson said. Getting paid sick leave made her feel a little more important, she said.

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