By Sylvia Ulloa, New Mexico In Depth
Feb. 7, 2019

Most government safety net programs like welfare, Medicaid and food stamps have a “cliff effect.” It’s when someone gets a raise at work that makes them ineligible for financial help from the government, and they lose benefits that are more valuable than that bump in salary.

Most benefit cliffs are fairly small, but the one for child care assistance in New Mexico looks like Wile E. Coyote just chased the Roadrunner off a mesa.

Advocates for working families are hoping to change that financial cliff in child care assistance into a glide path for parents who are working toward financial security.

New Mexico Voices for Children said its data shows that nine out of 10 people who get help with childcare costs from the Children Youth and Families Department are single parents with two kids. Earning one dollar more than $40,840 would cost that family of three more than $10,000 in child care assistance and plunge them back into poverty.

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