Sun-News Editorial Board, Las Cruces Sun-News
Dec. 7, 2018

It was a case of déjà vu all over again Monday when local business owners showed up at the City Council meeting to complain about a scheduled increase in the minimum wage that they have known about since 2014.

When asked by Mayor Ken Miyagishima why they did not attend a city meeting this past summer devoted to the issue, many said they weren’t aware of the meeting. Those supporting the wage increase were aware and in attendance.

That was pretty much the case in 2014 when the wage increase was originally passed. Leaders and volunteers of the faith-based advocacy group CAFé worked diligently to collect enough signatures to force a reluctant City Council to take up the issue. Business owners were far less involved and were late in opposing the measure. After it passed, they spent their money on an ill-fated recall effort.

Instead of passing the wage increase phased in over three years as called for by CAFé, the City Council spread out the increases over five years, giving businesses an extra year to prepare for each increase.

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