by Dan McKay, Albuquerque Journal
Feb. 23, 2019

SANTA FE – Competing proposals to raise New Mexico’s statewide minimum wage for the first time in a decade are moving forward in the state Senate.

And they’re becoming more alike as they move along, with the potential for still further negotiation.

“Try to find some middle ground,” Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, urged the bills’ sponsors Saturday.

Both measures passed the Senate Public Affairs Committee – of which Ortiz y Pino is chairman – and now head to another Senate committee, potentially their last stop before reaching the Senate floor.

One proposal – House Bill 31, sponsored by Rep. Miguel P. Garcia, D-Albuquerque – has already passed the House. It calls for an increase to $10 per hour in July and a phased-in increase to $12 in 2021. There would be inflation-adjusted increases after that.

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