What We Do

Our Strategies

  • Conducting rigorous research and data analysis.
  • Creating and disseminating reports, policy briefs, and other publications.
  • Educating and informing policy-makers, the news media, and the public, using our research and analysis.
  • Making our research available to communities and other organizations so they may advocate for their specific needs.
  • Identifying and advocating for innovative public policies to improve the lives of New Mexico’s children.
  • Working both at grassroots and governmental levels, often in coalition with other advocacy organizations, business leaders, community groups, and the faith community.
  • Reaching out to and educating the community through various initiatives and events around the state.

Our Initiatives, Coalitions, and Networks

Our research, analysis, and advocacy work is conducted through several initiatives, coalitions, and nationwide networks:

Some of Our Victories

Over the years, our hard work with dedicated partnerships and policy-makers has resulted in significant victories on behalf of New Mexico’s children and working families. Some of those are:

  • Increased funding for early childhood care and education programs.
  • A statewide increase in the minimum wage.
  • Increased funding for Medicaid coverage for children.
  • Creation of the Working Families Tax Credit, which returns money to low-income working families.
  • An increase in state low-income tax exemptions and credits.
  • Increased child care assistance to help more struggling working families.
  • An increase in unemployment insurance (UI) benefits for unemployed workers and their children, as well as UI rate cuts for businesses.
  • Increased funding for adult basic education programs.
  • Limits on campaign contributions from a single source.
  • Some regulation of payday lending.
  • Passage of the Child Helmet Safety Act.
  • Passage of the Special Needs Adopted Child Tax Credit.
  • Passage of the Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Air Act (thanks to the work of our Youth Link team).
  • Closure of a personal income tax loophole that primarily benefited high-income filers.
  • Repeal of the death penalty.
  • A statewide ban on cockfighting.
  • Defeats of several Definition of Marriage Acts (DOMAs).
  • Defeats of TABOR (spending limits) bills.

In 2017, to celebrate our 30th year of advocacy, we created a list of some of our biggest victories over the past three decades.

  • See that list here
  • Download that list here (2 pages; pdf)

How Advocacy Impacts Kids and Families

In 2010, one of our major funders, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, created videos about some of their grantees as part of their annual report. The video about us explains what we do and how it impacts real children and families. Watch the short, informative video here.

In 2008, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released a report in that takes an in-depth look at 14 New Mexico nonprofits, including NM Voices. The report concludes that every dollar invested in advocacy work like ours reaps more than $157 in benefits to the state’s most vulnerable children and families. Among those benefits cited are the reforms to unemployment insurance, the raise in the minimum wage, and the creation of the working families tax credit. Download the report Strengthening Democracy, Increasing Opportunities (58 pages; pdf).

Our Funders and Supporters

Most of our funding comes from private foundations and individuals. We currently have no state or federal funding.

Our National Funders include:

Our New Mexico Funders include:

Nonprofit Partners

Download our annual reports here.