Local Group Receives Grant to Help State Extend Health Coverage to More Kids: Packard Foundation Cites NM Voices for Children’s Critical Role in Recent Progress

Report Highlights Need for Greater Investment in Early Childhood Poor fourth-grade reading scores, high school graduation rates cited


Report: NM Workforce Not Prepared for Jobs of Next Decade State must reform adult basic education and post-secondary systems

Governor’s Decision a Good Step in Right Direction; But Not Enough

Winners Announced for 2nd Annual Spirit of Hope Awards Native-American leader, legal eagle among honorees

Report: Unemployment May Be High Until 2015 NM ranked 49th in the nation in job losses in June

Report: Reforming ‘Itemized Deduction’ Tax Breaks Could Save NM Millions, Make State Tax Systems Less Unfair

2010 KIDS COUNT Report: NM Back in Bottom Five States in Child Well-Being Persistent child poverty, high teen birth rate keep NM in bottom ten

How Hard Were You Hit? Report: Workers′ Job Sector, Ethnicity Key Factors in How They Fare in Recession

Report Reveals 36,400 New Mexico Children Diagnosed with Pre-Existing Health Conditions 380,000 New Mexicans Under Age 65 These New Mexicans will gain necessary protections from the new health reform law

New Report: NM Trails Nation in 4th Grade Reading Proficiency Special KIDS COUNT report looks at problems, solutions

New Mexico Youth Recognized for Tobacco-Use Prevention Work

Report: NM Has Lessened Income Tax Bill for Low-Income Families

Students from Across State Nominated for Tobacco-Use Prevention Work Winners to be named at 6th Annual Fame & Shame Awards in May

Report: 99% of Working New Mexicans Received Tax Cut in 2009 Savings due to tax credits and cuts in President Obama’s Recovery Act

Advocates: Kids and Economy are Big Losers in Budget Cuts Reality starting to sink in as School Board recommends cuts

New Mexico Launches Campaign to End Child Homelessness at 2010 Summit: Not One Child, Not One Night, Not New Mexico

Child Advocates Applaud Food Tax Veto, Decry Other Budget Changes

Singer/Songwriter Darden Smith Brings His “Be An Artist” Program to Area Schools Program teaches kids about creativity while writing their own original song

Child Advocates: More Balanced Approach Taken in Special Session

NM Voices for Children Receives 3-Year $1.4 M Grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation Award to support work on public policy surrounding education

2009 NM KIDS COUNT Report: NM Must Make Kids Its Top Priority to Improve State’s Economic Outlook


Report: Thousands of New Mexicans Lifted Out of Poverty by Federal Stimulus Relief act kept 252,000 more from sliding deeper into poverty

D.C. Tax Expert Rebuts New Mexico Corporate Lobbyist on Tax Law At issue is legislation to require multi–state corporations pay income tax on their NM profits

Report: New Mexico Shows Slight Improvement on Tax Burden of Poor Highest-income New Mexicans still pay lowest percentage of their income in taxes

Four New Mexico Youth Honored for Community Service Work

Supreme Court Justice and PB&J Founder Honored with Awards

NM’s $3.4 Billion in Federal Stimulus Being Used Exactly as Intended ARRA money meant to shore up sagging state budgets

Congress Must Act Before New Mexicans Exhaust Jobless Benefits Unemployment benefits boosting NM economy

Report: Federal Stimulus Having Positive Impact on State Economy

Fact Sheet Lays Out Options for Dealing with Revenue Shortfall

Balanced Approach to Budget Shortfall Would Do More Economic Good

2009 KIDS COUNT Shows Some Improvements in NM Child Well-Being State ranks 43rd, but many children still suffering the effects of poverty; Hispanic and Native-American children fare poorly across nation

Report: Health Care Reform Proposals Would Not Harm New Mexico Families

Job Watch: State’s Unemployment Continues Climb New Mexico’s employment base is shrinking; expert says third stimulus needed

NM’s Native Community Loses $12 Million to Predatory Tax Preparers President Obama urged to address refund anticipation loans at NM town hall

Benefits of Economic Incentives Unknown New study encourages more thorough review

Job Watch: State’s Unemployment Up, Employment Falls New Mexico’s employment base shrinking

Advocates Stage Tax Day Rally to Call for More Tax Fairness, Transparency

Report: NM Behind the Curve on Tax Reporting, Transparency New Mexico is one of nine states that lack a tax expenditure report

Child Well-Being Improved Nationally; Decreased in New Mexico New KIDS COUNT Report ranks NM in bottom 10 from 2000-2005

NM’s Capital Gains Tax Break Costs State $51 Million a Year Repeal of the tax break would ease budget woes and improve tax fairness

Child Advocates Call on Governor and Legislature to Target Federal Recovery Act Funds to Those Hurt Most by Recession Openness and accountability should also guide new spending

2008 NM KIDS COUNT Data Book: Poverty Measure Severely Outdated Basic Family Budgets offer a more realistic definition of poverty for NM families

NM Youth Learn Art of Advocacy at Santa Fe Retreat

NM Voices for Children Applauds House Passage of Recovery Act

Working Families Encouraged to File for Tax Credits

Rep. Stewart Sponsors Legislation to Increase UI Benefits Increase will help in state’s economic recovery

Medicaid Cuts Would Devastate State’s Most Vulnerable Children Group to urge Governor, Legislature not to reduce deficit on the backs of vulnerable kids


Job Watch: State’s Unemployment Up, Economy Now Contracting Inflation-adjusted wages see slight raise

Report: NM State Budget Crisis Likely to Last Through FY11

Job Watch: State’s Unemployment Up, Job Growth Flattens Nationally, consumer inflation down, real wages rising

Report: NM Would Get Almost $600 Million Boost from Federal Stimulus Package Increased Medicaid funds would aid families, create jobs

Report: Obama Urged to Reconsider Estate Tax Plan Tax on super-wealthy affects very few New Mexicans

Online Calculator Demonstrates Struggles of Low-Income Working Families Calculator could affect state policy decisions in January

Report: NM Could See $42 Million Economic Boost, Feed More Hungry Raising Food Stamp participation rates would create jobs, additional spending

NM Ranks Last in Percentage of Children in Low-Income Working Families New report finds 46 percent of state’s children live in low-income working families

EPI Report: New Mexico Has Lowest Rate of Workers with Employer-Provided Insurance

Report: Medicaid Injection a Boost to New Mexico Economy Next economic stimulus package should include increase of federal match

Job Watch: State’s Unemployment Still Up, Job Growth Still Down Nationally, inflation way up at 5.4 percent, real wages falling

Nonprofits Applaud Board of Finance’s Adoption of New TIDD Rules Rules protect public interest and provide ongoing oversight

NM Economic Ranking Improves to 43rd However, report shows economic growth at peak

Census Bureau Data: More New Mexicans without Health Insurance State’s poverty, median household income unchanged

Child Advocates Pleased with Progress in Special Session Legislature addressed several issues of critical importance to kids

Native Youth Create Policy Agenda Agenda addresses high suicide, poverty and obesity rates of Native youth

Job Watch: NM Job Growth Flattens, Unemployment Up for First Time in 7 Years

Advocacy Group Supports Governor’s ‘CARE’ Package for Special Session

Advocacy Group: Invest Revenue Windfall in Child Health, Education

Immigrants Contribute to, Not Drain NM’s Economy

New Mexico Drops in National KIDS COUNT Ranking State Now 48th in nation in child well-being

2000 Census Undercount Short-Changed NM by Millions in Child, Health Care Special KIDS COUNT report: 2010 Census accuracy imperative

Child Advocates Praise Senate Passage of Measures to Safeguard Children’s Health Care

Post-Legislative Session Review Forecasts Revenue Crunch by FY 2010

Study: NM’s Low-Wage Workers Benefit Most from Unionization Union wages almost 20% higher than non-union wages at lowest earning level

Report: NM to Lose Hundreds of Millions in Medicaid Dollars Medicaid regulations will weaken NM economy if Congress does not act

Report Shows Record Low Federal Spending on Kids Programs serving children only receiving one penny of every federal dollar spent

Report: NM Among States with Highest Income Inequality Gap between New Mexico’s richest and poorest is 6th largest in nation

Report: Five New Mexicans Die Each Week Due to Lack of Health Insurance Nationwide, homicides account for half as many deaths as lack of health insurance in 2006

Report: Impact of Economic Stimulus Package Will Likely Be Negative Revenue shortfalls will aggravate coming recession

Working Parents, Tax Preparers Reminded About New State Tax Credit

NM’s Congressional Delegation Scores High on Children’s Issues

President’s Budget Means $153 Million Cut for New Mexico Programs

State of Working New Mexico Report: Big Profits Don’t Trickle Down to Average Worker Majority of profits likely going out of state

Child Advocates Applaud Governor’s Medicaid Funding Request Senate urged to add funding to HB2 to insure more kids

Bipartisan Bill to Halt Raid of State General Fund $1.1 billion in future state General Fund promised for just two developments

Increased UI, Food Stamp Benefits Would Improve Economic Stimulus Package New Mexico likely to see a $43 million loss in income tax revenues

New Mexico 2007 KIDS COUNT: Education Plays a Major Role in Poverty Public investment needs to begin in child’s earliest years


Report: NM Flunks Corporate Subsidy Disclosure

NM Children’s Charter: Advocates Release Vision of Future for NM Children

Report: Immigration Raids Adversely Affect Children Left Behind

Child Advocates and Legislators to be Honored Gala set to celebrate organization’s 20th Anniversary

S-CHIP Veto Override Failure Shows Wrong Priorities

Advocacy Group Releases New Report: Immigrant KIDS COUNT Data shows new immigrants still integrating into American society

Census Data Shows Drop in Health Insurance Rate, No Decrease in Poverty

National Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for S-CHIP President threatens veto of popular S-CHIP; Congress looks to override

National KIDS COUNT Report: NM Shows Slight Improvement in National Ranking

Universal Pre-K Would Pay for Itself in Just Eight Years

KIDS COUNT: Children Living in Border Communities Face Higher Poverty Rates

KIDS COUNT Data Shows Greater Hardships for NM’s Hispanic Children

Report: Tax Changes Leading to State Budget Squeeze

Report: Sales Tax Breaks Cost State $5 Billion Every Year

State Would Save More Than $1 Billion with Pre-K Investment New study: Quality early childhood education cuts down on future crime costs

New Hires Beef up Research Department

Take the Money and Run! New Report: Out-of-State Corporations Play Shell Game with NM Taxes

Report Shows Improvement in State’s Tax Fairness for Low Income

Analysis: NM’s Low-Income Parents Losing Health Benefits Faster

President’s Budget Means Big Cuts for NM’s Kids New report details impact of budget on states

New Mexico 2006 KIDS COUNT Data Book Shows Need for Early Childhood Investment

Lt. Governor Urges New Mexicans to Collect Money That’s Due Them


State Minimum Wage Initiatives Bode Well for NM Workers

Town Hall to Focus on Crisis in Health Care Coverage

New Report: Child Care Less Accessible for New Mexico Families

Report: State Fails to Track Tax Breaks for Business Assessing economic impact of tax incentives impossible

State of Working New Mexico Report: Job Growth, Employment Up; Poverty Down Slightly But NM still lags behind nation in economic recovery

Census Data Doesn’t Show Improvement in NM Poverty … Or Does It?

Local Business Owners Urge Legislators to Close Corporate Tax Loophole ‘Combined Reporting’ bill would bring the state $50 million

Report: Most New Mexicans Lose Under Bush Tax-and-Spend Policies

National KIDS COUNT Data Shows Some Improvement, More Decline Child poverty rising, but state EITC, universal health care could change outcomes

Report: Undocumented Immigrants Pay Millions in State Taxes

Race Matters Conference Looks at Youth, Public Policy, and Race

Millions of Eligible Americans May Lose Medicaid Benefits

Albuquerque City Council Passes Minimum Wage Ordinance

Fiscal Policy Institute Report: Higher Minimum Wages Help Small Businesses

Right Start Report: NM Shows Improvement, But is Still Last in Some Birth Outcomes

Legislators Vote Themselves Raise While Some Refuse To Commit to Minimum Wage Increase For Working New Mexicans

Building Higher Wage Economy in NM Requires Much Greater Investment in Education, Skills Training, Job Creation

New National Study Shows Growing Income Inequality Causes Social Problems and Limits Economic Opportunity New Mexico high on inequality index—current legislative proposals would decrease inequality, including increased minimum wage, Working Families Tax Credit

NM KIDS COUNT 2005: New Report Highlights Need to Reduce Teen Pregnancy and Increase Educational Achievement to Improve Physical and Economic Health of Teen Parents and Their Children

New Study Shows Job Growth and Poverty Reduction in States That Have Raised the Minimum Wage


Study Shows Fewer New Mexicans Covered by Health Insurance Through Employer Wrong time to cut Medicaid funding says New Mexico Voices For Children

State of Working New Mexico Report: Towards a More Prosperous NM: Obstacles and Opportunities

Large Majority of Low-Income Children in NM Live in Families with Both Parents Working Poverty persists despite work

New National Poll Shows 74 Percent Say Medicaid Very Important, Mirrors New Mexico Opinion Support for Medicaid rivals Social Security

Business Climate Rankings: Biased in Favor of Tax Cuts and Less Government Regulation Useless as guide for policymaking

Federal Budget Resolution Harms New Mexicans Despite Efforts by Congresswoman Wilson and Senator Bingaman

Job Watch: New Data Released by Department of Labor Shows Job Growth Sagging Advocates point to failure of tax cuts in NM

New Study Shows 300,000 New Mexicans Rely on Social Security

New Report Documents Surprising Level of Job Loss in NM Due to Tax Cuts Contradicts Administration’s claim of job growth

President’s Budget: Huge Reductions for Programs Vital to NM While Tax Cuts for the Affluent are Extended and Expanded Dozens of New Mexico organizations call on Senators to oppose five-year reductions in funding for education, childcare, environmental protection, veterans, and community development

In Honor of African-American History Month, NM Voices for Children Releases Report on Condition of African-American Children in New Mexico

New Report Documents Failure of Tax Cuts to Stimulate Increased Job Growth or Job Quality in New Mexico Workforce issues cited by business as far more important than tax cuts

Poverty a Major Challenge to Health and Well-Being of Children Along Border School-based health centers key to increasing access to quality health care

New Poll Shows Governor Richardson Out of Step with New Mexicans on Tax Policy Bi-Partisan majority supports freeze on personal income tax cut, greater investment in health care, education

Under-Funding Medicaid Bad Medicine for NM: Families and Doctors Speak Out

NM Voices for Children Announces Hiring of Former Bureau Chief, NM Department of Labor, to Head Research Department


New Report Documents Huge Payoff to Taxpayers from Early Investment in Kids

The Sobering Reality: Quality of NM Jobs Decreasing The solution: A new approach to economic development

Job Watch: Job Growth in NM Modest Still no sign of economic stimulus from tax cuts

62 Percent of New Mexicans Support Assault Weapons Ban According to New Survey

Job Watch: Government and Health Care Largest Employment Sectors; Still No Sign of Economic Stimulus from Tax Cuts

New National Kids Count Data Book Shows Disturbing Trends in Well-Being of New Mexico’s Children Participation in Medicaid program holds hope for improvement in health outcomes of infants and children

Job Watch: Tax Cuts Fail to Grow New Mexico Jobs

Food and Medical Tax Bill Bad for New Mexico’s Low-Income Families and Damaging to State’s Economy

KIDS COUNT: Minority Children Face Greater Challenges


Children’s Agenda: New Report Says Progress Slow on Commitment to Improving Well-Being of New Mexico’s Children